“I have worked with Sandra for over 12 months and she has literally helped me to shape my business to be what it is today. She is dynamic & adaptable, willing to learn for you, goes over and above and over delivers on her promises. She is so diverse in her skill set, and she knows all of the best ways to get your online presence moving, helps you brand yourself with ideas, and by heck does she know how to organise and run an event for you just the way you want it. I couldn’t have been more grateful for this angel coming into my life. Stop thinking about PAvirtual – just do it, and do it now – because only success can come from working with Sandra. She’s the best.”
Kate Muldoon – Coach and Founder of Ladies with Tradies

“Sandra has been fantastic in helping me with getting my business online. She is flexible and accommodating to all my needs.”
Anne Garden – Alexanders for Hair



“Sandra has enabled our small team to focus on doing great campaigning by getting our administrative and IT tasks done quickly and efficiently. She’s friendly, helpful and communicates clearly.”
Tony Mohr – Alliance for Gambling Reform


 “I am incredibly grateful to Sandra for her perseverance and patience with us, as she introduced much-need processes and structure to our newly-formed association. We had moved from an outsourced arrangement for our administration to in-house, without anything in place to manage the significant workload. Sandra had to find out the history herself, the factors for consideration, then establish, communicate and follow those processes. Her professionalism and positivity were much appreciated, especially in the face of overwhelming and sometimes contradictory direction from us! We operate in a virtual environment, so PAvirtual was aligned to our business model from the start.”
Deanne Windsor – Director, Australian Business Software Industry Association (ABSIA)

“Sandra at PAvirtual is a bit like a good mechanic. Once you experience just how good she is at her job, you’ll want to hang onto her for life. And boast to everyone how you have the best business assistant in town. The great thing is, she doesn’t even need to be in your town. Sandra has worked with me, and for me, on several projects and is completely reliable and trustworthy. The only downside is she’ll make you realise just how crap you are at administration stuff.”
Steven Wild – Grassroots Designs

Working with Sandra was a delight.  I needed someone at the last minute to put together a Powerpoint presentation. Sandra not only made herself available to complete it on time, but added distinctive flair to the design of the presentation.  She was incredibly easy to work with, very knowledgable and professional.  I would highly recommend Sandra and will use her again should the opportunity arise.”
Nancy Taylor – Director, Solutions: Taylor-Made Pty Ltd

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Sandra, and I recommend her highly to anyone wanting efficient, thorough, and personalised support”
Michael Clarkson


“When the going gets tough, it’s truly great to know that Sandra wears a VirtualPA hat!!
There are times in my work that I really need that extra expertise, and Sandra efficiently and effectively assisted me with the tasks I needed. Thanks Sandra – I will certainly be calling you again!”
Jacqui Mott – Marketing and Communications Manager, MottComs

“Sandra has become an integral part of our business in handling all of our administration. Sandra has worked effectively and closely with us, to determine what was best for our business  and has offered suggestions on improving our administration processes. In the short time we’ve relied on Sandra, no challenge is too big. It’s a great feeling knowing that we can rely on her to allow us to focus on serving our customers.
Sandra handles all our admin, procedures and job lists, calendar and whiteboard organisation, invoicing and phone contact with our customers. She is polite, honest and reliable. The one main thing we like about PAvirtual is that to our customers, Sandra appears to be one of our staff.
If you’re looking to reduce your admin stress, improve your organisation or even maintain your facebook page, Sandra is the one you need to talk to.”
Tim McCrohan – Owner of Tim McCrohan Fixologis

“Sandra is a vibrant, positive personally with a can-do attitude. Sandra’s abilities extend to a broad range of areas, assisting with both simplistic but time consuming tasks, through to strategy creation and financial reporting. I have always found Sandra to be highly organised, efficient and professional and would recommend her to anyone looking to be more organised, or wanting to spend their valuable time on the tasks that you are best at, rather than trying to be or do everything.”
Kathie Bolitho – Tough Cookie Marketing

“Sandy provided an excellent standard of service whilst working on a short-term basis as my Personal Assistant. She picked up tasks very quickly, was thorough, diligent and flexible. If completing the task meant coming into our office to resolve an issue, Sandy made it happen. She also delivered an effective handover back to ongoing staff. I would happily recommend Sandra and her PAvirtual business”
Kate Millar, Director Statewide Services, Parks Victoria

“Sandra from PAvirtual has a very high level of expertise, knowledge and commitment that she offers within her successful business. Her quickness, accuracy, efficiency and turnaround of work is pertinent and so appreciated. The high quality of her work and attention to detail makes Sandra stand out within her business as a true professional. She brings success to my own business and a ‘knowing’ that allows me to get onto the stuff that I love doing. This is an important aspect of my relationship with Sandra. I would highly recommend Sandra from PAvirtual, she brings to me balance and makes my life easy!”
Robyn Bull, Live Your Best Life Coaching, Counselling & Consulting